Your Doctor’s Role

Your treating doctor will undoubtedly have a huge influence on the Social Security Administration’s determination of your disability. Through your doctor’s opinions and observations in your medical records, the Social Security Administration will get a good idea of the nature and severity of your impairment. Your Spartanburg disability lawyer can ensure that your treating doctor’s reports and opinions regarding your impairment are thorough, on point, and helpful to the Social Security Administration in determining disability.

The Social Security Administration describes the treating doctor as the medical professional who is best able to give a comprehensive, longitudinal report of the disability claimant’s medical impairments. His reports and opinions are vital, because he is able to see things and describe things that objective medical records cannot; in addition, your treating doctor will have greater knowledge of your impairments than do the Social Security Administration’s medical experts or doctors who briefly treated you during your hospitalizations.

Your Spartanburg disability lawyer and, later, the Social Security Administration, will ask your treating doctor specific questions regarding your impairment: the extent and severity of your condition, any physical or mental limitations you have because of your impairment, and what you still can do in spite of your impairment. Your treating doctor will have to use his professional medical judgment to gauge: (1) whether your symptoms can reasonably be traced back to your medical diagnosis; and (2) whether your physical and mental limitations are reasonably consistent with your medical symptoms and findings.

The Social Security Administration will consider your doctor’s opinion in determining the severity of your impairment and your remaining capacity to work. Your doctor’s opinion will include: (a) what your physical or mental limitations are; (b) how effective your prescribed treatment has been for your condition; (c) what the side-effects are of the medication you’re taking to treat the pain; (d) what you can still do; (e) how long your symptoms will be expected to limit you; and (e) how your symptoms impede you from doing daily activities or working.

It’s not necessary for your treating doctor to have expertise or specialized training. In fact, the Social Security Administration will put more weight on the opinion of a treating doctor who has seen you over a long period of time than the opinion of a medical specialist who was hired to evaluate you once for your disability.

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